Why Don’t You Answer?

Once upon a time… I transitioned from the visceral to the sentient I transferred my energies to aesthetics I wanted to have the answer to why the human is drawn to certain sensations

Why Don’t You Answer?
The Oculus of St.-Hedwigs-Kathedrale (Photo credit: TMcGraner • © 2017)

I am not in hiding. I feel better alone; no one to argue with that except myself. Anger is a non-starter. It is easy to become frustrated with one’s self, but nearly impossible to become enraged—that that takes other people, other circumstances.

People have different perspectives on anger.
There are those who view it as a necessary venting system—the “deadly sin” type of anger is just another construct used to suppress natural human expression. Except that the “deadly sin” is not just anger, it is impassioned anger—wrath.

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