Orbs in the Bedroom

A tale of unrequited love

Orbs in the Bedroom
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A tale of unrequited love. The story of a two-faced liar.

She took a photograph of my bedroom. When she developed the photograph there were multiple orbs/ghosts in the photo. One theory is that the orbs represent spirits of loved ones, another theory is that they are just dust particles that are reflecting the light of the camera flash. Dust in the wind, as it were. The tale begins.

She: I can’t begin to tell you the feeling of urgency I have when it comes to you.  I cannot begin to explain it.  I know we have only scratched the surface of why we are supposed to be together.  Yes, cosmic. But I miss you.  I want more.  More you. More understanding of you. I want you to understand me.  I know, I know, with time.  BUT I FEEL URGENCY!

She: I am sorry, but it was funny!!! Joan may have been joking but, trust me when I tell you, she is not crazy I am hanging around.  I will love her though...I am sure of it.  I just want her to feel totally at ease with her queen status in your life. She doesn’t even have to know that I am the KING! ;-)  LOL. I really am kidding there (kind of). More than anything, I think we have bunches to teach to each other.  Most likely, that is why we have come together now, and no sooner.

He: First of all, thank you for taking the day away from your responsibilities to be frivolous with me. I know that spending time with me can be overwhelming – I try far too hard to get everything in at once (maybe that’s why I rarely have second dates). It is interesting that we went from music to painting, to composition, to cooking, education, philosophy, sex, and immortality all in one day; and didn’t even come close to scratching the surface of any of these subjects. I have met very few persons that are as in-touch with all of the symbolism in my house – and asked about it! How cool.

She: Crazy, but I miss the hell out of you!!! We needed a few days to catch up!!! Your energy is still around me all day long. Are you thinking of me as well? I have wondered that because I keep feeling you.

He: The Greeks have two words for time: chronos – that which we all understand as measurable time, the god of the wrist and wall; and chiros – that time which represents what can best be described as “the fullness of time”; chiros is the time of the heart – a time that can be stopped and restarted as necessary. Yesterday was a chiros day, but chronos showed his ugly head. Be just, and fear not, as we said, this is not a one-time meeting.

She: I love you dear friend. Not only can’t I wait to talk to you via phone, but even more, I can’t wait till we are together again so I can feel you...not in a perverted way...feel your energy way.

He: I want you to know I am in this (our) relationship for the long haul.  Yes, yesterday was a whirlwind.  Your energy is amazing and fascinating. As I tuck myself into bed, thoughts of you swirl about my brain.  Interesting you dream of me the same night I dreamt of you.  Meeting me in my dreams??  I am a powerful spirit there as you seem to already know.

Alas. This tale hath not a joyous ending. Perhaps the orbs were just dust particles, or perhaps it was a foretelling of the future of the relationship. 14 years ago; the two have had no contact since that night. Odd considering the fervent declarations of love. To quote Kansas, “Dust in the wind. All we are is dust in the wind.”


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