Numbers in the Chartreuse Journal

What are your numbers?

Numbers in the Chartreuse Journal
Photo by Diego Guzmán / Unsplash

There are page numbers and dates in the book. It is a journal spanning the years of denial. Take the cliché “You only live once.” That is not accurate, you only die once. You can live multiple iterations of your existence; when you die, that is it. I am not saying that reincarnation is a falsehood, but if one is reincarnated as, say, a piece of toast, does that reincarnation remember the past lives. In the final interview, Mozart is quoted, “I am appointed to a situation which will afford me leisure to write music, just to please myself. And I feel capable of doing something worthy of the fame I have acquired; but instead, I must die.”

F31, E87.6, F41.9, D69.6, N18.9, I85.0, F29, I10, E16.2 Q79.6

They are, after all, just numbers in a book. They mean nothing more than if a random number generator had produced them. They mean something to trained individuals, but, otherwise, nothing with which to be concerned. Everyone dies, numbers notwithstanding.

There is a significance of the Chartreuse Notebook. Chartreuse is not a color that can easily be ignored. It is a constant reminder of mortality. Only the hypochondriacs of the world would pay it any mind. Chartreuse, or Puce, the colour matters not, it is the contents.

Blank page, empty head.

~ Giles

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