Clocks: A Waltz of Time

Stories in Three of Four Seasons

Clocks: A Waltz of Time
Photo by Jon Tyson / Unsplash

Spring—Just for you, Christopher

If I really need a laugh, I would be thrust back to my days working in an office. (So many stories, so little time.) One particular “incident” began innocently enough. I did dual degrees at college: music and geology. A couple of my friends insisted that I was majoring in rock music. I know a lot about rocks (and minerals). I was walking through the Customer Support Department and happened upon one representative who was toying with a couple pieces of hematite in his cube – this was the variety that contained enough magnetite to be magnetic. I innocently asked if he knew what these stones were. One of the other reps declared that they were hermaphrodites. I lost it. I was literally on the floor laughing. (Sorry, big build-up to a you-had-to-be-there story.) It did cause about half of the support department to break down in laughter, though. I am sure that they were laughing at me and not the magnetic hermaphrodites.

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