Once You’ve Done This Once

Once You’ve Done This Once
The Holly and the Ivy (public domain)

Consider the ivy.
How useless is it?
In Ancient Rome you could put it on your head
To show that you are important.

Ivy, a most contentious of weeds.
It takes over like a tyrant,
And there is, practically, nothing to do about its presence.
Ivy, an ornamental plant,
Only those whom like it plant it,
Others whom do not like it do their best to destroy it.

Wearing ivy is traditionally a symbol of superiority,
Times were that ivy was a symbol of spiritual significance.
(People can be wrong.)

The Holly and the Ivy;
Blood and Life (according to Pagan beliefs).
Ironically, holly and ivy are toxic to humans.
Holly is a frightful bush to touch,
Once you have touched it,
You will never do so again.

Ivy is a nuisance and almost impossible to be rid of.

I dug up my holly bushes and chemically killed the ivy that was taking over my fence.
O, the rising of the sun,
And the running of the deer
The playing of the merry organ…

Yes, I know the Christmas carol,
And the significance of the two plants in Christianity.
I just do not want them in my yard.

Now, of course, I have the carol running through my head;
And the running of the deer.


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