My “Cathy Newman” Experience

A short rant on my extreme distaste for stupid conversations

My “Cathy Newman” Experience
A Street Argument in Norway (Photo credit: Tord RemmeCC0 1.0)

Recently, I had the “pleasure” of having an online conversation which can only be described as similar to Cathy Newman’s infamous interview of Jordan Peterson. I will spare you, dear reader, from having to know the details of my travails; but you may rest assured that the only thing on my mind afterwards was that I was now some minutes closer to my own expiration.

In case you are not familiar, the aforementioned interview was the one in which Cathy—not the most illuminated bulb in the chandelier—repeatedly used the phrase “So you’re saying...” primarily in reference to things which Peterson was not saying and has, historically and since, neither said nor meant.

To be clear: Newman is certainly not stupid; just, at times, ignorant of her victim and horrible at listening.

You can read the interview transcript or watch the video, if you dare.

I have lost a “friend” or two in the past owing to their having decided to engage me in a similar style of conversation as Ms. Newman did with Mr. Peterson. It is so tiresome and pointless that I would rather find a new acquaintance than to be subjected to it, ever—unless perhaps I were to be paid a considerable sum of money for the callous wasting of my time and effort.

Likewise, Jordan Peterson has expressed how exhausting it is to have to deal with such people. He, unlike me, has to deal with them constantly, given the nature of his work as well as the disposition of his philosophical and cultural enemies.

The rant has ended; go in peace.

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