“Down” Redux, Redux

Remixing a remix

“Down” Redux, Redux
Mixing (Photo credit: James OwenUnsplash)

Someone with more audio production talent than mine ought to make a new mix featuring the best parts of the original and the Queen Latifah/Yo-Yo/MC Lyte versions of I Wanna Be Down1.

There are some compelling instrumentals and backing vocals in the original which seem lacking in the other rendition; the original is also missing so much, as against the Big Tif remix.

I almost think the instrumentals and backing vocals should be transmogrified into underscoring for the rapping—especially during the verse spoken by MC Lyte.

If you should find my tone of misplaced formality to be similar to that of grown men in uniforms on the talking screens discussing other grown men in other uniforms, who run hither and thither upon an artificial meadow, throwing an oblong ball about and stopping every five minutes for no particular reason—you’re not wrong. Still, I think my point about the music stands.

Thanks for attending my inaugural R.A.P.2 Talk.

1© 1994 Universal Music Publishing Group
2Rap, Audio, Poetry

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