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Comments Policy
The George Peabody Library, Baltimore, Maryland (Photo Credit: Matthew PetroffCC BY-SA 3.0)

Who Can Post Comments

All subscribers, including those with free subscriptions, are welcome to post comments on content published on The Kermudgeon. You must be signed in to post comments.

Content and Nature of Comments

All comments must comply with our Copyright Notice and Terms of Use.

Conversation and the sharing of ideas is encouraged; all comments should be respectful toward our contributors and other commenters.

While comments are not moderated prior to posting, we reserve the right to remove any comment which, in our sole discretion contains:

  • Content which is off topic or which otherwise does not add constructively to the conversation
  • Gratuitous links to other sites
  • Repeat submissions in the same thread of the same or very similar content
  • Abusive, vulgar, offensive, threatening, defamatory, harrassing, vociferous, strident, haranguing, obstreperous, or otherwise annoying language
  • Content aimed primarily at promoting products or services
  • Political compaigning or lobbying material
  • Content giving the appearance of legal, medical, or financial advice
  • Personal information of others, including name, home address, phone number, personal e-mail address, etc.

Notifications and Reporting of Comments

  • You may choose to be notified of replies to comments you have made. To modify your preference, visit your account and choose the Manage option.
  • You may report comments which you believe do not comply with our Comments Policy. Reported comments generate a notification to the site administrators.
  • Content authors are notified of new comments relating to their work. This functionality cannot be disabled.
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