An Ode on Cheese

Singing the praises of acidified solid milk

An Ode on Cheese
Various cheeses (Photo credit: Skånska MatupplevelserCC BY-ND 2.0)

Feta is wettah,
But cheddah is bettah!
Parmesian is pleasin’;
Myzithra is Grezian!
And some of the cheesus
Have been here since Jesus!

So unless you’re a Vegan
(Or other weird Pagan),
Just age you some milk,
And join with our ilk
Of rennet-connoiterin’,
Blue-veined and loiterin’,
Lovers of dairies so old—
They stinks and crumbles with mold!

If you enjoyed this silly sonnet on cheese, you might also enjoy some of the works of Ogden Nash, an American poet known for his light verse and unconventional rhyme schemes.

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